Youth Travel Soccer Tournaments


  • MUST register online and leave a $100 deposit. Balance can be paid in full day of tournament.  If tournament is cancelled due to COVID, you will NOT lose your deposit.  You can use $100 for any future GoodSports rental or program with no expiration date.
  • NO SPECTATORS PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING AT THIS TIME.   Only players and 3 adult personnel (coaches/team parents) will be permitted inside.
  • Everyone MUST wear masks in the building when not playing.  Players do not wear masks when playing.
  • Temp checks will be taken for anyone entering the facility.
  • Teams will be strategically spread out to avoid crowding.
  • Games played full field in the bubble where professional engineering air studies proved that air circulation is excellent due to constant air exchange.


Your coach/captain MUST sign up your team first, before you can register as an individual to your team.

Contact GoodSports 732-681-8898

By registering for any GoodSports league, clinic, camp or other activity, you are acknowledging that we may use photos for promotional materials. The photos or video will be strictly for GoodSports purposes and will never be sold or rented to any other party.



  1. There is no off sides
  2. Substitutions are free on the fly (A player coming off must be off in front of his bench before other player can come on). Wait for stoppage of play.
  3. Number of players of field:
    • Green Turf-7v7 (6 players and a goalie)
    • Bubble-8v8 (7 players and a goalie)
  4. Goal kicks and goalie throws cannot go past midfield without first being touched by a player or the turf.
  5. Goalies cannot punt.
  6. No slide tackling.
  7. The 5 second rule: If goalie holds the ball longer than 5 seconds, possession of the ball goes to the other team.
  8. Each team is guaranteed three 25 minute games (or equivalent thereof). The top 2 teams advance to the finals. Awards are given to the Champions.
  9. Tournaments are on a first come, first serve basis. Teams are responsible for referee fees the day of their tournament. This is a $25 cash payment to referee.
  10. All tournament times and dates are subject to change.
  11. Criteria for advancement-
    • 1) Points
    • 2) Head to Head**
    • 3) Goals Against
    • 4) Goals For
    • 5) Penalty Kicks (3 Shooters)
    • **Please note Head to Head thrown out if there are 3 or more teams with same points.
  12. Any yellow card issued is a mandatory 2 minutes on the bench with a substitution. Two yellows or 1 red card results in an ejection from the game.
  13. All players are required to wear matching colored shirts. Shin guards are mandatory and are to be worn under socks.
  14. All coaches are responsible for any and all actions made by their team and fans, any player or team that damages GoodSports property will be billed for the repair work. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy.
  15. Maximum Roster is 16 players

Downloadable Rules