Free Agent Listings

This is a courtesy list of independent players looking to join a team.  If you are a free agent and would like to submit your information, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!

Adult Soccer Free Agents

NameContactAgeField or GKLeague
Carly Larrison(732) 300-436023FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Division)
Kaushik Dhanyamraju(848) 391-518424FieldAny Mens
Alexis(732) 948-037725FieldMens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Omar Awad(732) 688-882626FieldMens Arena
Samantha Centimole(848) 525-263921FieldWomens or Coed
Said Belkadi(732) 299-056448FieldAny Mens
Dan(732) 515-8033FieldMens or Coed
Javier(732) 803-250330FieldAny Mens or Coed
Zach Mortimer(848) 299-776623FieldMens Open or Coed
Erich Snyder(908) 296-769242FieldMens Over 30 or Coed (B or C Div.)
Irfan Waseem(225) 362-311732FieldAny Mens or Coed (C Div.)
Mark Dalton(6609) 713-184324BOTHAny Mens
Stephen Remaley(732) 859-139724FieldMens Arena Soccer
Sean Weir(203) 788-260128FieldMens Open or Arena
Vancho Tolomanosi(201) 803-006047FieldMens Over 30
Jason & Sara(732) 615-895326Field & GKCoed Soccer
Marina Lukianov(732) 850-570424FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Monniel Lavarin(732) 704-012224FieldAny Mens or Coed
Justin Eckert(610) 209-575925FieldAny Mens or Coed
Jason Tonelli(908) 839-545022FieldMens Open
Adam Jaafar(732) 610-704334FieldMens Over 30 or Arena
Bob Vetrano(732) 757-659526FieldMens Open (A or B)
Stephanie & Jason(206) 724-255433FieldCoed (B or C Div.)
James Yacono(848) 333-706241BOTHAny
Arek Sieczkowski(732) 369-693433FieldMens Over 30 or Coed
Bridget Verdel(609) 915-770326FieldWomens
Jake Lane(732) 429-713419FieldAny Mens or Coed
Enrique Perez Lopez(732) 984-891522FieldAny Mens or Coed
Jonathan Boyadjian(732) 757-220828FieldAny Mens or Coed
John(732) 233-444925FieldAny Mens or Coed (A Division)
Matthew Palumbo(848) 207-186537FieldAny Mens
Jozsef Czipp(732) 674-814122FieldMens Open or Arena
Jose Canelo(848) 863-116031FieldMens Open or Over 30
Breez(732) 908-078231GKMens Open or Over 30
Giro Guida(732) 966-603432FieldAny Mens or Coed
Mason Mack(732) 597-140218FieldAny Mens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Sammy Smith(908) 910-977823FieldAny Mens (A or B Div.)
Jodi Howlett(732) 299-450939FieldWomens or Coed
Thomas Pflunger(732) 614-285548FieldMens Over 30 or Over 40
Niall McCartney(848) 466-370034FieldAny Mens or Coed
Alon Tabak(848) 226-114638BOTHMens Over 30 or Coed
Rodolfo Aguilar(804) 933-378237BOTHAny Mens or Coed
Jordan Tonelli(908) 839-545022FieldMens Open or Arena
Abraham(732) 896-8611FieldMens Open
Charlie Gordon(732) 757-939524FieldAny Mens or Coed
Pat O'Kelly(646) 873-0790FieldMens Over 30
Thomas Guilmette(732) 267-553842GKMens Over 40
Aron Schlesinger(732) 773-776328FieldMens Open (B or C)
Neil Matin(662) 518-132028FieldAny Mens or Coed
Courtney Crow(917) 330-5891FieldCoed
Cacike Estrada(732) 620-997418FieldAny Mens or Coed
Erich Steuer(609) 709-800127FieldMens Arena
Monica Fernandez(732) 865-559126FieldCoed (B or C Div.)
Gustavo Gomez(856) 449-606223FieldAny Mens or Coed (A or B Div.)
Austin Anderson(732) 604-891318FieldAny Mens or Coed
Justin Linton(732) 503-735824FieldMens Open or Coed (A or B Div.)
Matt Biegert(732) 674-164619FieldMens Open

Adult Flag Football Free Agents

Larry Patierno(917) 363-496126YESMens
Joshua Pachtman(347) 558-057228NoMens
Jonathan Ramirez(954) 261-560727NoMens
Kris(908) 910-816839YESMens
Daniel T Uccellini(609) 661-899423NoMens
Bean Denson(848) 391-680125NoMens (A or B Div.)
Alexzander Denson(848) 391-680125NoMens (A Div.)
Michael Cianci(908) 494-890522NoMens (A Div.)
Michael Johnson(201) 820-801724NoMens or Coed
John DeAngelo(732) 513-000522BOTHMens or Coed (B or C)
Ray Desfosse(848) 219-235537NoMens or Coed
Erich Steuer(609) 709-800127NoMens
Ashley Sherman(516) 459-359230NoCoed
Ron Kazani(732) 915-760922WR, TW, DEMens or Coed
Danny Matthewsd.matthew2288@gmail.comQB, WR, DBMens
Zach Jones(240) 529-463423NoMens or Coed
Nicholas Vitone(732) 351-933325NoMens or Coed
Alex Cubero(973) 583-925030NoMens
John Fenimore(732) 642-718545BOTHMens or Coed
Richard Diaz(646) 263-408422NoMens (B or C)
Michael Dellechiaie(732) 690-917021NoMens or Coed
Anne Nelson(908) 770-685928NoCoed
Ryan Miller(718) 737-214233NoMens or Coed
Anthony Zolnowski(908) 692-804725NoMens
Stephanie Terpanick & Lanie Andrews(732) 770-327827NoCoed
Chris Gingrich(908) 477-303922NoMens or Coed
Evan Gingrich(908) 477-584225YESMens or Coed
Shyam Patel(201) 315-368327NoMens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Luigi Luppino(908) 770-382618NoMens
John Alfaro(732) 423-489923NoMens or Coed
Mac McMeans(760) 580-805741NoMens or Coed
Kevin Martin(973) 951-897435BothMens or Coed
Timothy Conley(908) 894-483527BothMens or Coed (C Div.)
Andrew Pagan(848) 240-307234NoMens or Coed (Any Div.)
Matt Goss(267) 884-2391NoMens
Conor Conklin(732) 779-159425NoMens
Chris Mauro(732) 620-649333NoMens or Coed
Chris(732) 236-661427NoMens (Any Div.)
Scott DePugh(732) 900-849234NoMens or Coed (C Div.)
Jordan Connelly(619) 964-0220NoCoed
Conor Conklin(732) 779-159425NoMens (Any Div.)
Curtis Gift(609) 972-433125NoMens (A Div.)
Sean MacLeary(732) 575-401531NoMens or Coed
Kevin Sanders(917) 359-359024NoMens
Derick White(732) 962-0646NoMens or Coed
Scott Burke(732) 887-216633YesMens or Coed
Michael Iuliucci(848) 220-6499NoMens or Coed
Bill Fenimore(732) 666-158431NoMens
Nick Francisco(732) 272-425425NoCoed


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Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!