Pool Membership Registration

*ALL registrations must be done online*

Thank you for joining our Pool Club at GoodSports USA!

This winter we switched to a new Software, DASH Online. To register for any GoodSports program you must create an account in DASH. If you have not already created an account here are some directions on how you can set this up.


To setup an account, visit this link: Account Login. On the account login page choose ‘Create account’. Enter all of the necessary information for yourself. Once completed, you can add children if necessary.


Once your account is created, scroll down until you see “Memberships” on the right side of your screen. Click on “Add Memberships”.

On the next page, it will ask ‘Who are you purchasing a membership for?’, choose YOUR name! (You can only select one person on this page.)

Below you will choose the membership you are buying and then you can check out by making your payment online.
(Allaire Country Club Residents, use your special discount code at check out by typing the code and clicking apply.)


You will receive a confirmation email in which it will instruct you to reply to the email with the names and birthdates of each member you are purchasing for. (If you bought an individual membership you can skip this.)
REMINDER: members must reside in the same household.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.