What is Box Lacrosse????

Box Lacrosse, known simply as ‘lacrosse’ in Canada is played between two teams of six players each (5 runners & a goalie). In the USA, the game is known as ‘Box Lacrosse’ and can be played on either roller hockey or indoor soccer rinks with walls.

What are the key differences between Indoor Field lacrosse and Box Lacrosse?


The US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA) rulebook contains rules that protect its players in this indoor setting. Field lacrosse rules (NFHS – boys) do not address and protect players who participate in an environment with boards. Box Lacrosse is a stick skills based game and unlike field lacrosse or indoor field lacrosse its rules severely punish open field hits, hits from behind, take out checks, man/ball loose ball techniques and stick swinging defensive techniques.

Field Lacrosse

Indoor field lacrosse is an offseason field lacrosse sport governed by the NFHS (field lacrosse rulebook). Indoor fielded Lacrosse: 6ftx6ft field lacrosse goals are used with goaltenders only wearing field lacrosse equipment.

Box Lacrosse

Offensive and defense techniques and philosophies are very different than field lacrosse. The nets are 20 sq-ft smaller than 6×6’s and goalies are padded very well, a player and/or players must develop a unique skills in order to score on the well-padded goalie. The game is quick using a 30 second shot clock (which forces players to work together in team atmosphere to move the ball quickly before losing possession) allowing all 5 players to go anywhere in the Box. The game itself is Offense to Defense and Defense to Offense transitions increasing the overall speed and intensity of game being played. Box lacrosse’s defensive techniques limit the effectiveness of field lacrosse’s 1-on-1 doges and promotes the creativity of off ball, 2 man, and team play.

Box lacrosse is perfect for players who are looking to advance their skills and move on to play in higher levels of lacrosse. When returning to the field, players with box lacrosse experience typically have an advantage with more time and space. Coaches at the highest levels of NCAA Men’s Lacrosse have taken notice, and encourage participation in box lacrosse to their players and recruits as this gives them a unique skill set to bring to the field game.


Both player and goaltender equipment are different than field lacrosse. Box players wear additional pads to protect kidney and biceps and also wear long sleeved jerseys to cover any additional equipment. Box goalies are well padded they wear goalie gear like an ice hockey goalie.

Box League Rules

To read the league rules, click here.