Free Agent Listings

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This is a courtesy list of independent players looking to join a team.  If you are a free agent and would like to submit your information, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

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Adult Soccer Free Agents

NameContactAgeField or GKLeague
Gail(732) 546=072426FieldWomens
Anthony Hamill(732) 997-963323FieldMens
Maloney(609) 489-169232FieldOver 30 (C Div.)
Sean Sullivan(732) 272-429226FieldCoed (A or B Div.)
James Dunne(908) 208-590245BOTHAny Mens
Jeremy Thompson(732) 567-358119FieldAny Mens or Coed
Dan King(732) 503-129223FieldMens Open (A or B Div.)
Adam King(732) 684-851525FieldMens Open (A Div.)
Jitesh Yadav(267) 304-560128FieldMens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Jon Bailey(732) 614-674230FieldAny Mens
Richard Cartwright(848) 252-182233FieldAny Mens
Andrew F Jensen(732) 581-131534FieldMens Open or Over 30 (B or C Div.)
Kristian Lydon(609) 234-994225FieldAny Mens or Coed
Vicky(713) 292-375533FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Nicole Motta(848) 466-594328BOTHWomens or Coed
Steve Remaley(732) 859-139725FieldMens Arena or Coed (A or B Div.)
Joshua Miljenovic(732) 930-361725FieldMens or Coed
Christina Carrozza(732) 575-625632FieldWomens or Coed (A or B Div.)
Ciaran Peterson(908) 812-761826FieldMen Open
Steve Branigan(732) 996-641054FieldMens Over 30
Chris Barahona(732) 757-974428GKMens Open (B or C Div.)
Joseph Tun(732) 664-092838FieldMens Over 30 (C Div.)
Kade Cosby(334) 547-253424FieldAny Mens or Coed
Tiffany Montetiffmonte@icloud.com22FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Briana Miller(551) 697-153525FieldWomens (A or B Div.)
Sultana Gardizi(925) 719-748923BOTHWomens (B or C Div.)
Marvin Alexsi Sanchez(732) 948-980918GKAny Mens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Matt Connelly(339) 933-279729BOTHAny Mens or Coed
AJ Carlosajcarlos15@gmail.com22GKMens Open (A Div.)
Brian Millerstriper10@yahoo.com23FIeldMens Open
Andrew Novicsky(973) 800-433239FieldMens Over 30 (B Div.)
Jonathon Shumway(478) 397-943426BOTHAny Mens or Coed
Leann Yock(908) 930-363732FieldCoed
Deanna Warman(732) 742-059220FieldWomens (C Div.)
Indi Conover(651) 500-031223FieldWomens or Coed
Nick Lisowski(732) 673-206821FieldMens
James Wolfe(732) 354-259228FieldAny Mens or Coed
Hossam Eldin(848) 468-672337FieldMens Over 30
Sean Cajas(732) 476-988021FieldMens Open or Arena
Lindsay Dinowitz(973) 856-317221FieldWomens (B Div.O
Chaim Landy(973) 934-359224FieldMens Open
Andrew Di Maria(732) 567-116429FieldMens (C Div.)
Michael Longstreet(315) 256-211127FieldAny Mens or Coed
Taylor Yuh(908) 461-919228FieldWomens (B or C Div.)
Derek McManus(732) 796-419819FieldMens Open or Arena
Jennifer McHugh(908) 770-141626FieldWomens (B or C Div.)
Katrina MacNeil(609) 276-829521FieldWomens
Jonas Kluender(702) 244-057125FieldMens Open or Arena
Darren Trautwein(732) 979-573747GKAny Mens or Coed
Diego Martinez(908) 347-086329FieldMens Open or Arena
Katie Romanovich(908) 603-934419FieldWomens
Jared Taylor(732) 547-181830FieldMens Over 30
Andres Portillo(970) 343-024023FieldAny Mens or Coed
Billy Petix(908) 787-758041BOTHMens Over 40
David Reynolds(908) 910-493037FieldMens Over 30 or Coed
Diego(908) 347-086329FieldAny Mens
Walid Nasr(848) 466-706619FieldAny Mens
Brian Amaro(732) 557-171330FieldAny (B or C Div.)
Jacqueline Reynolds(651) 308-569530FieldWomens or Coed
Jonathan Castro(732) 644-6758FieldMens Open
Benjamin Penn(732) 586-988830FieldAny
Jack Hughes(732) 681-949718FieldMens Open (A or B Div.)
Danielle Weinberg(732) 832-674322FieldWomens (A or B Div.)
Philip Rudio(908) 256-440223FieldCoed (C Div.)
Brian Winderman(732) 403-928823FieldMens Open (A Div.)
Angel Mihlon(732) 678-854918FieldMens Open (A Div.)
Samantha Centimolecentimos@kean.edu21FieldWomens
Kevin Lloyd(479) 422-735838FieldAny Mens or Coed
Martin Smith(732) 867-197948FieldAny Mens
Kyle Williams(908) 601-308830FieldMens Open (A Div.)
Rick McCarthy(732) 546-213634FieldMens Over 30 (B or C Div.)
Joseph Rossano(732) 986-661122FieldMens Open
Karee Schad(267) 371-948430GKWomens or Coed
Zaria Traymon(732) 895-414721FieldWomens (A Div.)
James Hiner(302) 893-072327FieldCoed
Haley Pignatelli(862) 219-042519FieldWomens (A Div.)
Nalani Velasquez(973) 768-526522GKWomens (C Div.)
Kevin Field(732) 778-706933FieldAny Mens or Coed
Colin Daley(848) 448-879625FieldMens Open Soccer (B or C Div.)
Ray Cobb(609) 556-563129FieldAny Mens or Coed
Breez(732) 908-078231GKMens Over 30 or Coed (B or C Div.)
Alex Martin(732) 279-539226FieldAny Mens or Coed
Thomas Kennedy(732) 850-422826FieldCoed (B or C Div.)
Vinny Solaja(732) 862-722736FieldAny Mens
Dan Verdia(908) 499-202329FieldMens Open
Laurence Heads(732) 783-839229FieldCoed (A or B Div.)
Kelsey Golden(732) 977-4745fieldWomens
Micael Laterza(718) 501-5923FieldMens Over 30
Julia Tampellini(609) 613-2145FieldWomens or Coed (A or B Div.)
Chris Reale(908) 907-3202FieldMens Open
Thomas Burke9732) 500-395026FieldAny Mens or Coed
Luis Amaro(732) 520-993331FieldOver 30 or Coed
Mike Miceli(732) 771-667838GKAny Mens or Coed
Elias Abounaoum(609) 216-183642FieldMens Over 30/40 or Arena (B Div.)
John Dib(908) 839-834424FieldMens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Michael Anthony Perno(201) 687-830727FieldMens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Katie Cooper(732) 908-691428FieldCoed Soccer (B or C Div.)
Bat-Sheva Kivelevitz(347) 229-970622FieldWomens (B Div.)
Courtney Hulley(908) 907-170324FieldWomens (B Div.)
Charlie Manolio(732) 691-337835FieldOver 30 or Coed
George Quintano(908) 705-791229FieldMens Open or Coed (A or B Div.)
Chris Prosser(804) 832-919939GKAny Mens or Coed
John Corrales(732) 233-444925FieldMens Open (A or B Div.)
Andrew J Pense(732) 841-2011FieldMens Over 40
Francisco Ramirez(903) 948-256127FieldAny Mens or Coed (B or C Div.)

Adult Flag Football Free Agents

Jairo Delarosa(201) 989-924435NoMens (B Div.)
Bobby Moore(908) 783-836318NoMens
Brian Morgan(732) 610-264425NoMens
Mac Clark(571) 229-623626NoMens
Charles Dunn(848) 230-103225BothMens
Ryan Gobel(848) 448-003528NoMens (A Div.)
Marcus Richtel(904) 416-913630YesMens or Coed
James Wolfe(732) 354-259228NoMens or Coed
Austin Voorhees(732) 606-389923NoMens
Ronnie Kazani(9732) 915-760922NoMens
Jared Luis(732) 759-450120NoMens (A Div.)
Austin Mathew Robles(732) 829-480521NoMens (B or C Div.)
Tyler Fallon(732) 977-4369NoMens
Al QB(646) 831-686241QBMens (B or C Level)
Nick Fischer(732) 500-252518NoMens or Coed
Jeremy Eyre(302) 419-873037YesMens
Kevin Lloyd(479) 422-735838NoMens or Coed
Kevin Sanders(917) 365-178025NoMens
Michael Negron(732) 423-839330NoMens or Coed
Michael Anthony Perno(201) 687-830727NoMens or Coed
Vanessa Toscano(609) 325-868229YesCoed
Sam Minniti(732) 644-518539NoMens
Jonathan Posten(908) 415-650534BOTHMens
Cairo Stewart(732) 861-502418OtherMens
Maurizio DeGrande(732) 429-294726NoMens
Michael Fermin(347) 924-055528OtherMens or Coed
Brian Grainer(732) 674-604932BOTHMens or Coed
Larry Patierno(917) 363-496126YESMens
Joshua Pachtman(347) 558-057228NoMens
Jonathan Ramirez(954) 261-560727NoMens
Kris(908) 910-816839YESMens
Daniel T Uccellini(609) 661-899423NoMens
Bean Denson(848) 391-680125NoMens (A or B Div.)
Alexzander Denson(848) 391-680125NoMens (A Div.)
Michael Cianci(908) 494-890522NoMens (A Div.)
Michael Johnson(201) 820-801724NoMens or Coed
John DeAngelo(732) 513-000522BOTHMens or Coed (B or C)
Ray Desfosse(848) 219-235537NoMens or Coed
Erich Steuer(609) 709-800127NoMens
Ashley Sherman(516) 459-359230NoCoed
Ron Kazani(732) 915-760922WR, TW, DEMens or Coed
Danny Matthewsd.matthew2288@gmail.comQB, WR, DBMens
Zach Jones(240) 529-463423NoMens or Coed
Nicholas Vitone(732) 351-933325NoMens or Coed
Alex Cubero(973) 583-925030NoMens
John Fenimore(732) 642-718545BOTHMens or Coed
Richard Diaz(646) 263-408422NoMens (B or C)
Michael Dellechiaie(732) 690-917021NoMens or Coed
Anne Nelson(908) 770-685928NoCoed
Ryan Miller(718) 737-214233NoMens or Coed
Anthony Zolnowski(908) 692-804725NoMens
Stephanie Terpanick & Lanie Andrews(732) 770-327827NoCoed
Chris Gingrich(908) 477-303922NoMens or Coed
Evan Gingrich(908) 477-584225YESMens or Coed
Shyam Patel(201) 315-368327NoMens or Coed (B or C Div.)
John Alfaro(732) 423-489923NoMens or Coed
Mac McMeans(760) 580-805741NoMens or Coed
Kevin Martin(973) 951-897435BothMens or Coed
Timothy Conley(908) 894-483527BothMens or Coed (C Div.)
Andrew Pagan(848) 240-307234NoMens or Coed (Any Div.)
Matt Goss(267) 884-2391NoMens
Conor Conklin(732) 779-159425NoMens

BEWARE OF SCAM – All registrations/payments will go through GoodSports directly. Never send money via Venmo, Cash App, etc. to any person claiming to be in charge of a team or league.


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Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!