Free Agent Listings

This is a courtesy list of independent players looking to join a team.  If you are a free agent and would like to submit your information, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!

Adult Soccer Free Agents

NameContactAgeField or GKLeague
Ernest Ryberg(908) 675-2695FieldMens Over 30
Brianna Yuhas(732) 804-9656FieldWomens or Coed
Harold Calero(732) 948-037725FieldAny Mens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Gloria Julien(732) 779-5571BOTHWomens or Coed
Jen McHugh(908) 770-141625FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Ashley Hayes(760) 419-559929FieldWomens or Coed
Alana Asch(908) 208-381829FieldWomens or Coed (A or B Div.)
Jamie Deegan(908) 601-636741FieldMens Over 30
Mac McMeans(760) 580-805741FieldAnyt Mens or Coed
Jon Caruso(908) 216-681122GKMens Open or Coed
Michael Sahale(808) 209-1215825BOTHAny Mens (B or C Div.)
Jitesh Yadav(267) 304-560127BothAny Mens or Coed
Taylor Gulbins(609) 206-761626FieldAny Mens or Coed (A or B Div.)
Dan Teichmann(609) 571-748126FieldMens Open or Coed
Joseph Rossano(732) 986-661121FieldMens Open
Rick Hatch(732) 766-1545FieldMens Open
Alexandria Balsirow(848) 299-198028FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Chaim Landy(973) 934-359223FieldMens Open or Coed (A or B Div.)
Liam Radvanski(732) 439-697921FieldMens Open or Arena (A div.)
Allen Gibbons(301) 379-2731 (leave message)46FieldMen's Over 30 or Coed (C Div.)
Zack Ritchie(908) 489-398926FieldMens Open or Coed
Kelsey Volk(732) 575-464521GKWomens or Coed (C Div.)
Michael O'Malley(908) 670-713926FieldAny Mens or Coed
Jessica Passarelli(609) 339-861431FieldWomens or Coed
Adam Thacher(609) 234-548333FieldAny Mens or Coed
Hassan Chughtai(908) 323-498220FieldAny Mens or Coed
Kelly Rice(732) 865-431029FieldCoed (C Div.)
Dino Paone(732) 223-190154FieldMens Over 30 or Arena (B or C Div.)
Felipe Mendes(573) 795-4295FieldMens or Coed (Any Div.)
Ciaran Peterson & John Guerino(908) 812-761825FieldMens Open (A Div.)
Stephanie Romanowski(908) 670-653627FieldCoed (Any Div.)
Holly Hudak(848) 223-903425FieldWomens or Coed (Any Div.)
Weston Bargholz(732) 890-967622FieldMens Open or Coed (A or B Div.)
Jessica DePinho(732) 407-313922FieldWomens or Coed (Any Div.)
Shannon Sottosanti(732) 762-870034FieldWomens or Coed
Margaret Nagle(848) 469-577838FieldWomens or Coed (A Div.)
Olivia Murgo(908) 601-978220FieldWomens (Any Div.)
Brienne Zilinski(908) 902-431834FieldWomens (Any Div.)
Tim Beil(908) 489-333336BOTHMens Over 30

Adult Flag Football Free Agents

John Alfaro(732) 423-489923OtherMens or Coed
Mac McMeans(760) 580-805741NoMens or Coed
Austin Voorhees(732) 606-389922BothMens
Kevin Martin(973) 951-897435BothMens or Coed
Timothy Conley(908) 894-483527BothMens or Coed (C Div.)
Andrew Pagan(848) 240-307234NoMens or Coed (Any Div.)
Matt Goss(267) 884-2391NoMens
Conor Conklin(732) 779-159425NoMens
Chris Mauro(732) 620-649333NoMens or Coed
Chris(732) 236-661427NoMens (Any Div.)
Scott DePugh(732) 900-849234NoMens or Coed (C Div.)
Jordan Connelly(619) 964-0220NoCoed
Tom Ebert(732) 966-192122NoMens
Conor Conklin(732) 779-159425NoMens (Any Div.)
Curtis Gift(609) 972-433125NoMens (A Div.)
Sean MacLeary(732) 575-401531NoMens or Coed
Kevin Sanders(917) 359-359024NoMens
Derick White(732) 962-0646NoMens or Coed
Scott Burke(732) 887-216633YesMens or Coed
Michael Iuliucci(848) 220-6499NoMens or Coed
Bill Fenimore(732) 666-158431NoMens
Nick Francisco(732) 272-425425NoCoed


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Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!