Free Agent Listings

This is a courtesy list of independent players looking to join a team.  If you are a free agent and would like to submit your information, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!

Adult Soccer Free Agents

NameContactAgeField or GKLeague
Lily Smith(860) 371-444423FieldWomens or Coed
Stefanie Granzin(732) 642-165830FieldWomens or Coed
Lisa Oberreiter(732) 735-945030FieldCoed (A or B Div.)
Emma Dodi(732) 272-599521FieldWomens or Coed
Kaitly Reilly(732) 668-837226FieldWomens or Coed (B or C Div.)
Maximillian Camporeale(609) 289-376254FieldMens Over 30 or Coed (C Division)
Kyle Reed(908) 328-539626FieldMens Open
Veronica Roux(908) 839-805924FieldWomens or Coed
Margaret Nagle(848) 469-5778FieldWomens (B or C Division)
Courtney Hulley(908) 907-170323FieldWomens (Any Division)
Michael O'Malley(908) 670-713926FieldAny Mens or Coed
Justin Foltz(908) 907-347226FieldCoed
Jayla Sharp(848) 459-380320FieldWomens
Jack Headley(732) 567-623937FieldMens Over 30 (C Division)
Breez(732) 908-078230BOTHMens Over 30 (C. Division)
Kyle Kane(732) 620-021049FIeldMens Over 30
Mike Papetti(848) 333-656035FieldAny Mens
Jeff Beyer(732) 616-727145FieldMens Over 30 or Coed
Keith Eckert(310) 382-013640FieldAny Mens or Coed (C Div.)
Karen Magana(848) 234-523521FieldWomens (B or C Div.)
Alessandro Camilli(732) 456-950121FieldAny Mens or Coed
Aron Schlesinger(732) 773-776327FieldAny Mens (B or C Div.)
Brian Crowley(303) 549-682531BOTHAny Mens or Coed
Mohcine Jaafar(732) 610-704331FieldAny Mens
Brian Amaro(732) 557-1713FieldAny Mens
John Rogers(267) 897-552344FieldMens Over 30 or Coed
George Badgley(732) 829-4989FieldMens Over 30
Thomas Guilmette(732) 267-5538BOTHMens Over 30 or Coed (C Division)
Stephen Remaley(732) 859-139723FieldAny Mens or Coed
Ed Schuber & John Gardner(732) 773-285247 & 25FieldAny Mens or Coed
Ryan Maloney(609) 489-169231FieldMens O30 (B Div.)
Vedran Solaja(732) 862-722735FieldAny Mens or Coed
Juan Sebastian Martinez732443774818FieldAny Mens (A or B Div.)
Richie Etting609709374425FieldMens Open (A or B Div.)
Ryan McCabe(609) 240-772326FieldMens Open or Arena (B or C Div.)
Frank Tullo(201) 953-002546FieldAny Mens or Coed
Brian Amaro(732) 557-1713FieldAny Mens or Coed
John Rogers(267) 897-552347FieldAny Mens
Alex Kennedy(732) 609-043334FieldCoed
Vince Colubiale(609) 425-301436FieldMens Over 30
Seo Yongseok(732) 804-837130FieldAny Mens
Pete Beavis(732) 451-449930+FieldMens Over 30
Nick Revano(732) 343-257922FieldAny Mens or Coed
Tyler Goossen(607) 857-313321FieldAny Mens or Coed
Lawrence Edwards(848) 466-045636FieldAny Mens
Andrew Anzivino(732) 977-103829FieldAny Mens
Terell Brown(732) 272-710123FieldAny Mens
Katie Emme(732) 674-871125BOTHWomens
George Bergen(732) 691-619045BOTHOver 30
Justin Foltz(908) 907-347226FieldCoed
Andrew Phillips(609) 353-719726FieldAny Mens or Coed
Mary Jaeger(908) 227-554836GKWomens
Opeyemi Oyewole(347) 348-655631FieldAny Mens or Coed
Jennifer Olszewski(732) 991-718131FieldWomens or Coed
Orlando Pelaez(732) 853-926320FieldAny Mens
Allen Gibbonslimey1_hot@hotmail.comFieldMens Over 30 or Coed
Deseidro Valazquez(732) 456-070819FieldAny Mens
Jesse Ferrell Jr.(571) 436-332042FieldAny Mens
Jennifer Rojas(732) 586-007038FieldWomens
Adam Marks(347) 526-8057FieldMens Over 30

Adult Flag Football Free Agents

Jeremy Brown(732) 664-416620NoMens or Coed
TJ Lueddeke(732) 610-773625NoMens or Coed
Tyler Caponegro(908) 797-472518NoMens (A or B Div.)
Douglas Avis(609) 598-953317NoMens
Andrew Stortz(252) 349-807528OtherMens
Randy Pietsch(732) 996-004137YesMens
Anthony DAddario(908) 361-693325NoMens (A or B div.)
Troy Bertolatus(732) 618-777118NoMens or Coed
Ryan Berger(732) 567-020838NoMens (B Div.)
Frank Tullo201-953-002546NoMens or Coed
Sergio Benitez(732) 606-542416NoMens
Carmine Abbate(732) 439-842948NoMens
Anne Vetri(908) 770-685927Coed
Ryan Walsh(732) 865-697621Mens
Opeyemi Oyewole(347) 348-655631Mens or Coed
Alex Resto(732) 759-4967Mens or Coed
Allen Cruz(856) 982-241125Mens or Coed
Sean Lennon(908) 448-956321Mens
Harry Bray(732) 908-078230Coed
Joe Hummjosephhumm@gmail.comMens or Coed
Dom Costa(609) 705-3742Mens or Coed
Brad Meister(904) 881-425125Mens
James Barbiretti (732) 810-248819Mens
Rashon Clark(848) 220-615234Mens
Jameel Robinson & Mark Swope(862) 247-3087 & (862) 232-4231Mens
Linda 41Coed
Joshua Heyjoshuadhey@gmail.comCoed
Israel Rodriguez(732) 609-2621Coed
Nick Montalto(908) 839-571626Coed
Loren Biffle(862) 232-246027Mens
Bailey Indursky(908) 907-071420Mens


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Once you have been contacted by a team please advise Alex ( to remove you from the ‘Free Agent’ list!