Free Agent Listings

This is a courtesy list of independent players looking to join a team. If you are an independent player in need of a team, please use our form at the bottom of this page.

Adult Soccer Free Agents

NameContactAgeField or GKLeague
Tuesday Rowan(732) 343-205927FieldCoed
Adam Marks(347) 526-8057FieldMens Over 30
Camilo Quintero(732) 779-3592
FieldMens Over 30
Patrick Howell(732) 618-023250FieldMens Over 30
Morgan Sackman(914) 610-507128FieldWomens or Coed
Antonio Camporeale(732) 600-474725FieldCoed
Erik Romero(908) 227-878328FieldMens Arena or Coed
Peter Robinson(773) 679-982441FieldAny Mens or Coed
Vince Colubiale(609) 425-301436FieldMens Over 30
Christina Palmisanochristina.palmisano@gmail.com26FieldWomens or Coed
Jaclyn Ix(201) 739-0912FieldWomens or Coed
Missy Torzewski(908) 328-576328FieldWomens Only
Matt Secko(609) 635-127936FieldMens Over 30
Chelsea T(607) 761-219231FieldWomens or Coed (A or B Division)
Dominique Serpe(917) 524-5423FieldWomens
Keri Pagnoni(732) 299-241825FieldCoed
Charlie Ham(908) 461-054927FieldMens
Anisha Palermo(908) 670-544118FieldWomens
Colleen Evans(732) 456-013234FieldCoed
Jeff Carter(732) 773-849930+GKAny
Vadim Polonsky(732) 892-865241FieldMens Over 30
Devomir Gordon(609) 556-982721GKAny Mens or Coed
Allen Gibbons(732) 681-5548FieldMens Over 30 or Coed
Kyle Campanile(908) 433-133626FieldMens Open or Coed
Rachel Avila(732) 552-7280FieldCoed
Harrison Gassert(732) 513-1618FieldMens or Coed (Higher Divisions)
Samantha Sloane(646) 387-880024FieldWomens or Coed (B/C Divisions)
Alex Kennedy(732) 609-043330+FieldMens Over 30
Anderson DeSalles(732) 551-622230+FieldMens Over 30
Danny Gallagher(973) 296-2981FieldAny Coed or Mens

Adult Flag Football Free Agents

Alex Chotalal(609) 680-060527Mens or Coed
Joe Hummjosephhumm@gmail.comMens or Coed
Dom Costa(609) 705-3742Mens or Coed
Brad Meister(904) 881-425125Mens
James Barbiretti (732) 810-248819Mens
Rashon Clark(848) 220-615234Mens
Jameel Robinson & Mark Swope(862) 247-3087 & (862) 232-4231Mens
Linda 41Coed
Steve Morse(609) 582-358825Coed
Kevin Ball + 2 Otherskevinjball@comcast.netMens
Joshua Heyjoshuadhey@gmail.comCoed
Israel Rodriguez(732) 609-2621Coed
Nick Montalto(908) 839-571626Coed
Loren Biffle(862) 232-246027Mens
Bailey Indursky(908) 907-071420Mens
Mike Parisi + two others(908) 216-730720Mens
Aaron Gibson(732) 644-808735Mens
Bryan Lynch(732) 948-585921Mens
Alex Rogers(609) 709-9504Mens or Coed
Louis Acosta(646) 233-649624Mens
Kevin McGeekevinmcgee77@gmail.com49Coed
John Michael D'Alessandro(732) 551-127227Mens or Coed
Gabe Galvao732-788-4272Mens
Allen Riveraamriv824@gmail.comMens


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